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Auto Trans Transfers Data between Hosts and Network Environment

AutoTrans is an Innovative software package from Universal Software that enables its users to transfer bulk data sets (VSAM, PDS, Sequential Tape and Disk) between host CPUs an an IBM tm System Network Architecture (SNA) environment.

Using AutoTrans, you can send information to, or receive information from, any CPU in your network--without complicated procedures, Intermediate processing and staging, or special hardware devices.

And, Autotrans is extremely easy to install and use. File transfers are initiated via either a batch or on-line request--no complex command syntax has to be learned.


  • Efficient, versatile and cost-effective data transfers
  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • Provides a number of special performance features

Efficient, Versatile and Cost-Effective Data Transfers

AutoTrans' product designers understand that the best productivity tools are those that work in the simplest and most direct manner while providing users withmaximum versatility. The following features show howthis philosophy was embodied in the design of AutoTrans:

Dynamlc Allocation. AutoTrans moves bulk data directly between machines, by dynamically allocatingboth the sending and receiving files. No staging areasor intermediate processing steps are required.

VTAM Driven. AutoTrans uses the VTAM subsystem to do the work, rather than data base or teleprocessing software (e.g. JES, IMS, CICS). As a result, no matterhow large the data set, AutoTrans will never have anadverse effect on other critical on-line activity.

AutoTrans is so versatile that it can execute multiple transfers concurrently between any CPUs in your network

AutoTrans can support all of the following types of filestructures:

  1. Sequential files stored on magnetic tape or direct access storage devices (all record formats).
  2. Individual and multiple partitioned data set (PDS) members, plus entire libraries--source, object, or load.
  3. VSAM data sets--KSDS, ESDS, RRDS.
The ability to directly distribute all types of VSAM datasets is particularly important, for otherwise you would need staging areas to convert your VSAM files to sequential files prior to transmission. This is inefficient, time-consuming and costly.

comps.JPG - 8.8 K
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Requests to send or receivedata can be made in batch or on-line via TSO and CICSfrom any AutoTrans node inthe network.
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The request is transmitted directlyto the remote CPU. The data isthen transferred directly onto the receiving device via a standard VTAMSNA cross-domain link (MSNF).
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Block counts are comparedto ensure that the transferwas successful.

Extremely Easy to Install and Use

AutoTrans' designers were also committed to creatingan easy product to install and use. The AutoTrans installation process requires no APF authorization and no changes to your MVS operating system and itscomponents.

AutoTrans' user interface is widely admired for Hs easeand simplicity of operation. You can execute an AutoTrans transfer in batch mode (JCL is provided) or on-line, using either TSO or CICS. In addition, you havethe option of executing the transfer in "real time" (i.e. immediately), or placing it on a queue for execution at a later time or date--whichever is most convenient.

No matter which mode of execution you choose, AutoTrans provides a complete set of pre-formattedscreens to guide you through the entire transfer process. As an AutoTrans user, you will never have toconcern yourself with technical details--only the dataset names need be entered. No complex commandsyntax has to be learned.

Provides a Number of Special Perforrnance Features

The purpose of AutoTrans is to permit data to be distributed throughout your network. To ensure that thisfunction is handled with the utmost convenience andreliability, a number of ancillary features have been incorporated into the basic design of AutoTrans. Thesefeatures make AutoTrans the most powerful and comprehensive distribution software available. The following are a few of the more important features:

Timed Transfers. You can enter a file transfer requestand arrange to have it queued for subsequent execution by specifying a particular date and time for thetransfer to begin. You can even request that transfersbe run automatically on a daily or weekly basis at aparticular time.

Data Compression. AutoTrans provides a facility tocompress data before transmission. When sending extremely large data sets this can significantly reduce resource utilization and transfer time.

Performance Tuning. There area several ways you can"fine tune" AutoTrans to ensure optimum performance. For example, you can prioritize transfer requests, regulate the size of the data units transferred, and determine the rate of data flow between CPUs. These features allow you to trade off transfer time versusresource utilization.

Program Exits. Program exits are included in the AutoTrans package to provide easy customization. For example, one exit can be used to interface with a security system, such as RACF, to prevent the unauthorizedtransfer of data.Log/Audit Data Set. The log/audit data set maintains apermanent, complete record of all AutoTrans activity,as well as a precise audit trail for record keeping and security purposes. In addition, AutoTrans' recovery capabilities are more effective than those of any other transfer method. The following two features show why:

Checkpoint/Restart. This feature ensures that ifthere is a system failure during a transfer, you canresume the transfer from the point of interruption. Only data that was transmitted after the most recentcheckpoint has to be resent.Virtual Route Recovery. If multiple virtual routes exist between CPUs, and the send/receive session encounters a virtual route failure, AutoTrans will automatically utilize an alternate connection to continuethe transfer.


AutoTrans is unique in the field of bulk data transfer software: it is as easy to install and use, and is efficientand reliable to operate.

With AutoTrans in place, your distributed network is truly distributed, and your data availability is truly systemwide. Let your computers talk to one another with Autotrans


  • SNA network of multiple CPUs connected by crossdomain links (MSNF)
  • MVS

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