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Mainframe communications for the 21st century. In an age where companies like Wal-Mart and Ford require that all trading partners do business electronically, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities are essential to every significant enterprise. That 's just one of the reasons the demand for mainframe systems to exchange large volumes of information with remote devices of every kind keeps accelerating.

For IBM MVS and VSE mainframes, Universal-Link is the answer to those demands.

Universal-Link excels at EDI and many other electronic commerce applications, such as Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Direct Deposit Payroll, and Depository Transfers.

But it has many other uses. Universal-Link is a full-featured file transfer system for two-way transmissions with personal computers, minicomputers, and other mainframes. In more than a decade of development, we've worked with our customers to adapt Universal-Link for Point-of-Sale Polling, Remote Job Entry, and Software Distribution.

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