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Financial Services Company (Fort Worth, Texas)

The VTA enabled us to reduce our tape drives from 40 3480/3490 drives to 8 3490 drives and we only need those drives for tapes that come in from external sources.

We eliminated dependence on operations to mount tapes, pull scratches and respond to mount messages.

The VTA runs much faster than real 3480/3490 tapes - our full backups have been reduced from 4 hours to 2 hours.

Data Processing Services Company (Olathe, Kansas)

The VTA has increased our backup performance six fold! With the VTA we run unattended and have stopped using physical tape.

Municipal Government (Upstate New York)

Because of the VTA, unattended operations and elimination of equipment checks has improved our overall backup and restore process. Our batch processing window has been reduced from 5 hours to 3 hours.

And, job restarts due to physical tape I/O errors have been eliminated.

Community College (Southern New Jersey)

With the VTA we reduced our dependency on physical tape cartridges and improved the elapsed time on our backup and restore jobs.

Backups and restores are done much quicker because of the VTA and the capability to work with our Tape Management System (Dynam-t).

Government Agency (Israel)

We implemented the VTA last year and are very satisfied. We added an LTO 3 (800 GB) drive to the PC for each night’s backup. We can also copy backups to a remote PC server through the WAN. Has improved our reliability, speed, tape rack space, offsite storage.