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VTA Performance

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Several factors determine the VTA’s performance in a particular environment. The following are actual results achieved in the described user environment.

User Profile
Operating SystemVSE/ESA v2.6
DasdShark 100+ 3390-3
Tape ManagerBIM EPIC
 Primary Backup Software Dr. D.

Real TapeVirtual Tape Appliance (VTA)
24 3490E w/ACL, 2 ESCON channels USI VTA, 128 virtual drives, 2 ESCON channels.
10,000 cartridges on 10 racks 2TB SATA Raid
Appr. 600 sq. feet, raised floor space. 6u on a 19 inch rack.

Nightly Backups
70 jobs, 24 partitions 70 jobs, 32 partitions
Duration 4.5 hrs Duration 1.3 hrs
135 Cartridges70 virtual tape files, 67GB
Biggest file, 30 cartridgesBiggest file, 22GB

Weekly Backups
84 jobs, 24 partitions84 jobs, 32 partitions
Duration 5.5 hrs (includes restore/reorgs)Duration 1 hr.
150 Cartridges84 virtual tape files, 60GB