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VTA, Is it right for you?

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The purpose of this document is to help you determine if the VTA(Virtual Tape Appliance) is right for you.

First, a brief questionnaire:

Does your company rely heavily on manual, 3480, 3490, 3590 tape operation?

Does your disaster recovery plan involve transporting tape cartridges off site?

Have you looked at automatic tape libraries and or virtual tape systems and found them too expensive?

Do you use tape as a method of exchanging data between your mainframe and the network?

Do you receive tapes from or send tapes to customers or service organizations?

Do use tape for long term archival of business data?

Do you use tape for temporary data sets, work files, or generation data sets?

Are your tape drives becoming old and less reliable, but you think replacement would be too expensive?

Is your company reluctant to spend money on mainframe oriented technology because they would like to get off the mainframe?

Does your company have a separate budget for mainframe vs network storage?

Are you a fairly large shop, but haven’t yet bit the bullet for an IBM or STK VTS?

Has your company recently consolidated data centers? Do you now have more tape jobs but not enough tape drives?

If you answered yes to more than a few of the above questions, you should let us help you decide if virtual tape is right for you.

Please fill out the following form to receive a white paper explaining the benefits of virtual tape and a comparison of the popular virtual tape methodologies.

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If you’d like to save time later, help us help you by providing the following information.

Mainframe type and model ______________________________________

Operating System and release ______________________________________

Number and type of tape drives: ______________________________________

Any MF ATL or VTS ______________________________________

Number and type of MF Dasd ______________________________________

Operation hours Ex. 24X7 _____________

Network storage (SAN/NAS etc) ______________________________________

Network ATL, VTS, HSM ______________________________________